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High Fantasy Community of Roblox


This Wikia is used to document all groups above fifty members in the High Fantasy Community of Roblox hub. If you are a leader of one of those groups, PM Xugmar_WargSpirit to be given admin permission to make a page.

About the Community

This community was formed due to the lack of activity and quality in the high fantasy genre due to the Game of Thrones genre and other large and unoriginal fantasy genres taking most of it. We will combat this by keeping the community close knit on the wall to find allies, groups to fight, builders and mercenaries for hire.

Requirements to Make a Page

  • A Wikia page is only allowed if you have been allied to the hub for more than a month.

Navigating the Wikia

It's recommended you browse the Group category to find all groups within the High Fantasy community listed alphabetically.

Another way to browse all the wikia's pages is to go to the A to Z category. It has all pages within the wikia listed alphabetically.

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